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19 grouped as illustrated in Fig. 20, to give a close approximation for reactance calculations. The determination of reactance by these methods -r--. 04 ............. ~ - ~ r---... 1 ~~ " ""'" " I"'" ...... ~ ......... , i'...... r-- r--. I'-.. I'....... ~ ~ ........... ~ ~ r-I--.. r-- r---.... ~ ~~~ r-- r-.... : r--. r=::: ~~ :'-.. 01 ............. 03 I~T r--...... 05 ,0 Fig. 20 II---.. 0 Fig. 21 0t. "Engineering Calculations Inductance and Reactance f01' Rectangular Bar Conductors," O. R. Schurig, General Electric Reoiew, Vo .

The useful application of these formulas will be apparent from the reactance calculations of the circuit shown in Fig. 20. 16 X f- A 1\ \ Fig. 20, and three-phase configurations sometimes require the more fundamental calculations of self and mutual inductance. * The 60 cps inductive reactance values shown on the curves,in Figs. w is the mutual inductance of the circuit comprising groups A and D. electrical design - section II By adding the quantity of LA - LA mula and grouping terms, it becomes: L TA = (LA - MAO) + (LA - ( Microhenries for group A).

0'1. 0 o 50 100 150 200 V 250 300 350 400 f•lO, Rdc Rdc IN MICROHMS PER FOOT. H. B. Dwight, "Electrical Coils and Conductors," McGraw-Hill Book Co. Fig. 5 " J t .. I[ ". 4 : ! 3 ,;'I' :: o Ii i; I:: I.. 0 It;; i~ ". j i: 150 200 r e 2 5 0 f,,103 Rdc 1 300 Rdc IN MICROHMS PER FOOT Fig. 13 Ii IIf: . 100 H. B. Dw;ghl, "Electrical Coils and Conductors," McGraw-Hill Book Co. J; . $0 400 450 electrical design - section II curves the skin effect resistance ratio of the particular conductor section. The other parameter is a function of the conductor shape or physical dimensions, and its detelmination will be considered in the following paragraphs for the common bus conductor shapes.

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