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By Irving Chernev

A call for participation to Chess might be the main profitable chess ebook ever written, with revenues of over 100,000. it's a uncomplicated newcomers publication, beginning with the strikes of the items and speedily advancing to extra advanced difficulties and examples.

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The Inner Game of Chess: How to Calculate and Win

Each participant has heard the announcing, "Chess is ninety nine percentage strategies. " it is not. it is ninety nine percentage calculation. yet before there hasn't ever been a booklet dedicated fullyyt to this so much mysterious and crucial chess method. This publication examines either the technical and useful features of the way to imagine forward -- the choice of candidate strikes, the overview of finish positions, discovering the right kind stream order, and so on.

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IA lB King Is in Check The Rook is checking the King. Tll e direction of the Rook�s attack is due North. *�--��i � � King Is Out of Check To get out of clieck, the King si1n ply steps away frozn the line of at tack. t �--- �--- - -B-,,�. f! 2A He rg get out of check by stepping away (as in lB) or the Bishop can capture t11c check­ ing Rook. ff. ·w--�-- ·-�-'--­ B m m . tB IJ • • m �- • � m 2B King Is Out of Check The Rook has been captured and i;is it has been removed from the board the King .

Black n1ust drop everything and get his King out of check. A the n1ost effective of all counter-attacks--one which 1nust be ans\vered. White can leave his Queen ''en taken because he kno\vs that Black is not allowed to capture it while his King is in check. :t-' The Bishop goes to the 5th square on the Queen-Knight's file and checks the King. ThP. -Bishop's Pa\vn one square, interposing it bet\veen bis King and the checking Bishop. 1-Iis King is nO\V out of check. BLACK COULD not capture the checking Bishop but he could have moved his King to get out of check.

GETTING OUT O F C H E C K THE :F LAYER whose King is in check must make a move which will re1n ove his King from check. Any other move would be illegal. There are three ways of getting out of check : 1. Moving the King to a square o n which he is tw longer in check. B. Note that it is not sufficient to move the King to another square on which he would still be in check. He inust n1ove to a square on which he is not attacked by the checking piece o r by any o�her -piece .. When the King is in "double check'� ( checked by h�70 pieces ) be must move.

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