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By Barry Smith (auth.), Kenneth Mellanby CBE, ScD (Cantab.), FIBiol (eds.)

The Watt Committee on strength turned energetic in of the consequences on structures, for example. Proposals the research of Acid Rain in the course of 1982. might be the for motion may still for that reason be aware of measures in simple terms element of the topic that has develop into extra that promise a true development because of yes through the next 5 years is that the expenditure. expression 'Acid Rain' is used loosely in public The Watt Committee's learn of this topic has been in stages. the 1st handled the character debate for a posh of business and environ­ psychological phenomena. between those, Acid Rain within the of the matter, and culminated within the e-book straight forward that means of the words-rain and of Watt Committee file No. 14 in 1984. that maybe snow having a considerably excessive point of document was once divided into 4 sections, each one of acidity-is of purely restricted value. to symbolize which was once ready by way of a sub-group of the operating this angle, accordingly, the Watt Committee Ex­ workforce: they dealt respectively with the destiny of air­ borne pollutants, crops and soils, clean water ecutive determined that the learn resulting in the current file might be entitled 'Air pollutants, Acid Rain and remedial process. within the moment part, those and the Environment'. sub-groups have introduced their sections updated The Watt Committee's curiosity in Acid Rain and a 5th sub-group used to be appointed to review arises from the truth that, between its factors, the constructions and non-living materials.

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Different Amphibia vary in their ability to tolerate low pHs, but although some are able to survive in bog pools at around pH 4 others cannot survive such extremes. It has been suggested by Aston (see Cummins, 1986) that this may be due to the varying amounts of dissolved aluminium in the waters concerned. The greatest problem concerns the natterjack toad Bufo calamita, which is a rare and protected species. It has disappeared from a number of heathland sites in south-east England probably as a result of the acidification of its breeding sites (Fig.

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