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By Ulla Koskinen

This publication investigates the types that the aggression and violence of peasant elites might take up early glossy Fennoscandia, and their function inside society. The members spotlight the social stratification, internal divisions, contradictions and conflicts of the peasant groups, but additionally be aware of the elite as leaders of resistance opposed to the professionals. With the formation of extra centralised states, the elites’ prestige and room for supplier decreased, yet local and temporal adaptations have been nice during this particularly drawn-out approach, and there nonetheless remained numerous beneficial contexts for his or her supplier. even if the peasant elite was once now not a homogenous entity, the chapters during this assortment current us one uniting characteristic – the peasant elites’ tendency to say themselves with an energetic and competitive service provider, no matter if this resulted in very assorted outcomes.

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Another objection is that, like other eminent men, the aristocrat and commander of Tunsberghus—Erik Sæmundsson—played a 42 K. DØRUM significant role in making appeals, arranging propaganda, and taking letters round the country. 26 On the other hand, Opsahl is correct in emphasising that there was resentment among Norwegian peasants in the 1430s that was indeed aimed at brutal and greedy foreigners in political and administrative positions or with fiefs, which corresponded with the repeated claim issued by the Norwegian nobility during the fifteenth century that royal officials should be Norwegian-born or naturalised as Norwegians.

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