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By A C Grayling

In a sequence of daring, unsparing polemics, A C Grayling exposes the harmful unreason he sees on the middle of spiritual religion and highlights the pressing want we need to reject it in all its kinds, with out compromise. as an alternative he argues for a collection of values in accordance with cause, mirrored image, and sympathy, taking his cue from the nice moral culture of Western philosophy.

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And so it has dramatically proved. At the same time standards in public examinations at secondary school level have also fallen, by some measures a long way. The official line, of course, is that the latter at least is not true: but such is the way with official lines. The combined result is that a significant proportion of university entrants today are noticeably different from their average forerunners of a generation ago: measurably less literate, less numerate, less broadly knowledgeable, and sometimes less reflective.

By their fruits, we are told, we shall know them. A simple test of the relative merits of science and religion is to compare lighting your house at night by prayer or electricity. The molecular evolution research focuses on hormone receptors. Hormones and their receptors are protein molecules that fit one another like keys in locks. By comparing specific hormone receptors in lampreys and hagfish, primitive species of jawless fish, with more evolved versions in skate, Professor Joseph Thornton and his laboratory co-workers at the University of Oregon were able to reconstruct the genetic evolution of the molecules in question, tracing their evolution to a common ancestral gene 456 million years ago.

Perhaps this might count as news too, to all those wishing to know the name of God. There is a biochemistry professor at Lehigh University in the United States called Michael J. Behe, darling of the Creationists, who says that biological structures are ‘irreducibly complex’ and their existence can therefore only be explained by invoking a divine designer. This absurd argument, which alleges a mystery (the existence of complex biological structures) and claims to solve it by introducing an arbitrary and even greater mystery (the existence of a deity), has exactly the logical force of saying that the shapes of clouds are designed by Fred.

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