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It measures 20x20x20cm, but the target response seen by the sonar should be like a point after correct image synthesis. 37 Synthetic Aperture Techniques for Sonar Systems Fig. 20 shows one image of the artificial target obtained though the matrix implementation of the back-projection algorithm as describe previously. Fig. 20. Sonar image of the artificial target placed in the river bottom. 1 Fig. 21. Synthetic aperture sonar resolution. As can be seen if Fig. 5 cm. Fig. 22 shows an image obtained near the river shore before synthetic aperture processing and Fig.

This target area is illuminated by a side-looking sonar system travelling along a straight locus u with a velocity v, moving parallel to the y-axis of the target area. The origins of the delay time axis t and the range axis x have been chosen to coincide. As the sonar platforms travels along u, it transmits a wide bandwidth phase modulated waveform pm(t) of duration τ seconds which is repeated every T seconds. On reception, the coherent nature of the transmitter and receiver allows the echoes that have come from different pulses to be arranged into a 2D matrix of delay time t versus pulse number.

6) The sonar platform seldom dislocates through a straight line, and so the sonar model must account for the irregular along-track sampling positions. Therefore the polar coordinate model must be abandoned and a broader expression for the echo travel time must contain the estimated position of the transducers and a rough estimation of the bottom height (a flat bottom is enough for a first approximation). 7) Attitude variations must also be accounted for in the calculation of the transducer positions.

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