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Scott, Phys. Fluids 11, 1809-1819 (1968). 75. Yu. G. Kalinin, D. N. Lin, V. D. Ryutov, and V. A. Skoryupin, Sou. -JETP 29, 252-256 (1969). 76. E. I. Kuznetsov, Sou. At. Energy 25, 111 1 (1968). 77. G. A. Bobrovskii, N. D. Vinogradova, E. I. Kuznetsov, and K. A. Razumova, JETP Lett. 9, 158-160 (1969). 78. L. A. Artsimovich, A. M. Anashin, E. B. Gorbunov, D. P. Ivanov, M. P. Petrov, and V. S. Strelkov, JETP Left. 10, 82-84 (1969). 79. E. P. Gorbunov, S. V. Mirnov, and V. S. Strelkov, Nucl. Fusion 10,43-51 (1970).

A reduction in cross field transport flux could be inferred from the change in radial density profile of the stabilized plasma, but no diffusion coefficients were actually measured. Simonen, Chu, and Hendel (44) demonstrated feedback control of the amplitude of a well-identified density gradient drift wave. A signal picked up by a Langmuir probe (presumably measuring ion or electron density) was amplified and phase shifted, then fed to a magnetic field aligned wire probe + EXPERIMENTAL PLASMA TURBULENCE 19 having fifty times the area of the Langmuir probe sensor.

B. Toroidal Experiments Linear mirror trap devices must always pay the penalty of plasma escape through the loss cone in velocity space. When the attempt is made to avoid this loss by use of toroidal confinement systems, a way must be found to eliminate the magnetic field gradient drift. If this is not done, a polarization electric field will develop in the direction parallel to the axis, and this will cause a cross-field drift to the outer wall. Elimination of this is usually accomplished by applying a rotational transform to the toroidal magnetic field.

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