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By Bernard G Treanton; National Renewable Energy Laboratory (U.S.); et al

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For light-duty vehicles, this is about right. Traction and heavier-duty uses would require more. • Approximately what volumes of the PM1000 are being produced? American Superconductor is producing hundreds of the converter per year. • What sort of list price, in dollars per watt, does the PM1000 have? And what is smallest power increment? Currently, there is essentially one power size. The three-phase unit is 175 kilowatts. The six-pole is about twice that. The developer kit, which is for three-pole configuration, is just less than $20,000.

The UQM product is still under development. • It seems 1–5 years seem to be the lifespan of warranties. What components are failing? Electrolytic capacitors and fans often have the shortest lifetimes, but warranties are not necessarily indicative of lifespan. In addition, service contracts are an important offering to extend performance. Another consideration is the trade-off between lifespan and cost. Longer life spans will require increased costs. There is a balance that must be determined. 1 “Power Electronics Conversion for Distributed Energy Applications,” Alex Levran, Magnetek Inc.

UQM’s general specifications for a grid-connect inverter include an input voltage of 150– 360 V, a power output of up to 5 kW, 90% or more efficiency, galvanic isolation, and a grid and standalone operation of 50/60 Hz. In addition, the unit must meet appropriate UL and IEEE standards. UQM uses a Mathworks autocoding setup that takes advantage of existing in-house capabilities to simplify the control design process. This approach also allows researchers to perform simulations to test the code before it is downloaded to hardware.

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