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The newest factor of Adbusters #92 – The Carnivalesque uprising factor – is a theoretical and sensible consultant to the seven days of motion this November. visitor artwork Director Pedro Inoue.

In the issue:

Andrew Tuplin on relocating your money
Blake Sifton on Wikileaks
Kitty Werthmann on becoming up below fascism
Simon Critchley on civil disobedience

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21 Quoted in Joseph Bryant, The Diet of Chaucer's Franklin', Modern Language Notes, 63 (1948), p. 321. , p. 319. 23 Ibid. 24 Jill Mann, Chaucer and Medieval Estates Satire (Cambridge, 1973), pp. 153-56. 25 Through his distinguishing the time to feast from the time to fast, it may be seen that the Franklin adheres to the dietary laws of his faith more closely than does his fellow pilgrim the Monk. Chaucer's vivid image of it snowing food and drink in the Franklin's home provides additional commentary for both camps of the Franklin's critics.

Thomas (Cambridge, 1926-61), 1364-81, pp. 154-56. 24 The Goodman of Paris (Le menagierde Paris), ed. and trans. Eileen Power (New York, 1928). 25 Calendar of Letter-Books, B, ed. Sharpe, pp. 4, 104, 159. 26 None of these streets lay near the gates or the waterfront. Across the river in Southwark the poll tax return of 1381 listed six cooks and four pie bakers among those assessed. None of these, however, seems to have lived near London Bridge, the choicest commercial location for traders hoping to sell to travellers crossing the river by bridge or boat.

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