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By Fabien Anselmet, Pierre-Olivier Mattei

This didactic ebook offers the most parts of acoustics, aeroacoustics and vibrations.

Illustrated with quite a few concrete examples associated with good and fluid continua, Acoustics, Aeroacoustics and Vibrations proposes a variety of functions encountered within the 3 fields, even if in room acoustics, delivery, strength creation structures or environmental difficulties. Theoretical methods let us to investigate the several techniques in play. standard effects, commonly from numerical simulations, are used to demonstrate the most phenomena (fluid acoustics, radiation, diffraction, vibroacoustics, etc.).

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The concept of measure allows the concept of integration to be generalized to all measurable functions. Let φ(x), a measurable constant piecewise function (stepwise), the set Ei of values of x for which φ(x) = φi has measure μ (Ei ). The integral, in Lebesgue’s sense, is then: φdμ = φi μ(Ei ). – Any positive real function is the limit of an increasing sequence of step functions. The integral of a measurable positive real function is thus defined by f dμ = sup φdμ, where 0 ≤ φ ≤ f . Unlike the Riemann integral, which imposes a slicing along the x-axis (and is the limit of a summation of elementary “rectangles” whose base is given by the segment thus defined on the abscissa and the summit is the average ordinate over this segment), the Lebesgue integral performs a slicing of the y-axis.

14] By definition, Φ ∈ D, the second member of the above equation still exists. The following essential result – which is the reason for the existence of this theory – should be retained: any distribution is differentiable and even indefinitely differentiable. It is easily shown that: ∀Φ ∈ D, T (m) , Φ = (−1)(m) T, Φ(m) . 16] 42 Acoustics, Aeroacoustics and Vibrations We have: ∀Φ ∈ D, ( Tf ) , Φ = − Tf , Φ =− ∞ f (x)Φ (x)dx −∞ +∞ a =− −∞ f (x)Φ (x)dx − f (x)Φ (x)dx a = f (a+ )Φ(a+ ) − f (a− )Φ(a− ) + +∞ f (x)Φ(x)dx.

The application (or function) f : Ω → Ω is measurable if: ∀P ∈ B , f −1 (P ) ∈ B. In practice, the functions encountered in physics are measurable. As a matter of fact, it is not known how to explain a function that is not measurable. 2 It should be remembered that the characteristic function, or indicator function, χE of a set E 1 if x ∈ E . characterizes its membership or not to a subset E of Ω. χE : Ω → [0, 1], x → 0 if x ∈ /E 34 Acoustics, Aeroacoustics and Vibrations – Uniform convergence.

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