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The Unfolding Now: Realizing Your True Nature through the Practice of Presence (Diamond Body, Book 3)

Post yr word: First released in 2008

The keys to self-knowledge and deep contentment  are here ahead of us during this very moment—if we will be able to easily learn how to stay with open understanding.

In The Unfolding Now, A. H. Almaas offers a marvelously powerful perform for constructing the transformative caliber of presence. via a specific approach to self-observation and contemplative exploration that he calls inquiry, we discover ways to dwell within the comfy condition  of easily "being ourselves," with no interference from emotions of inadequacy, drivenness towards ambitions, suffering to determine issues out, and rejecting stories we don't wish.

Almaas explores the numerous obstacles  that preserve us from being present—including defensiveness, lack of expertise, hope, aggression, and self-hatred—and indicates us the right way to welcome with interest and compassion no matter what we're experiencing.

Shame and humiliation : a dialogue between psychoanalytic and systemic approaches

Disgrace and Humiliation goals at exploring a sub-set of common feelings which are often labelled as "negative" as a result of the experience of unease that they generate once we event them and the tenacity with which we strive to prevent them. they could therefore turning into robust tools within the "power video games" of our species, making their mark in either well-intentioned schooling in addition to in cruel kinfolk of oppression.

Witchcraft and Magic in Ireland

This is often the 1st educational assessment of witchcraft and renowned magic in eire and spans the medieval to the trendy interval. according to a variety of un-used and under-used fundamental resource fabric, and taking account of denominational distinction among Catholic and Protestant, it offers a close account of witchcraft trials and accusation.

Emotions and the Therapist: A Systemic-Dialogical Perspective

Feelings are attached to meaning-making in human interactions. in recent times, systemic idea and perform followed a dialogical orientation, extra established at the folks of the therapist and her consumers. This has ended in a becoming awareness towards feelings, which, during this e-book, is built by way of emotional structures.

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It is plausible, then, that classical representations and analyses of the emotions would have stressed the interaction or interdependency of emotional responses, and 24 / The Emotions of the Ancient Greeks focused as well on the attitudes, motives, and actions of others rather than on chance, mechanical, or natural events as the causes or elicitors of emotion. This approach may have relevance for the modern interpretation of the emotions as well (see below). Evaluation presupposes values, and insofar as emotions are a function of value judgments, they will vary from one individual to another and according to the collective values of particular communities.

A glance at vase paintings, whether of the black-figured variety or the red-figured that superseded it around the year 500, indicates that for all the advances in draughtsmanship over the'archaic period, very little effort was expended in representing emotions by way of facial expression. This is as true of funerary monuments and images of war, where one might expect signs of grief or rage, as it is of scenes of marriage or love. 41 One can, of course, often infer the sentiment of the characters in a work of art from the context or other elements in the scene.

Lutz describes her sojourn with the Ifaluk, a people who dwell on a tiny atoll in the South Pacific. ' 'This concept required/ she writes, 'more than did most other Ifaluk emotional concepts, an effort to disentangle my own native emotional understanding from theirs' (119). Lutz concludes that 'emotional experience is not precultural but preeminently cultural'; rather than having a more or less uniform content across different societies, the emotions and the meanings attached to them are 'a social rather than an individual achievement - an emergent product of social life' (5).

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