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By Colette Sirat

This publication surveys the great physique of medieval Jewish philosophy, devoting considerable dialogue to significant figures equivalent to Saadiah Gaon, Maimonides, Abraham Ibn Ezra, Judah Halevi, Abraham Ibn Daoud, and Gersonides, in addition to providing the ancillary texts of lesser identified authors. Sirat fees little-known texts, delivering statement and situating them inside of their ancient and philosophical contexts. A complete bibliography directs the reader to the texts themselves and to contemporary stories.

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He will not attain the light of intellect and the beauty of wisdom, but remain contained under the sphere, sorrowful, in pain without measure, revolving with the revolution of the sphere in the great fire and the torturing flame. This will be his hell and the Are of his torture which God has prepared for the (Ibid. p. 26) wicked and sinners who rebel against the precepts of the intellect. The Neoplatonists The Neoplatonists The theme of the soul and of its destiny is one to which we shall return at greater length.

Similarly, the animal soul tends to conform its actions to those of the rational soul when the latter instructs and influences it. The rational soul has a tendency to come closer to the Intellect and to attain perfection; it then becomes clear ancl pare; it will seek good and true things like knowledge and understanding, purity and sanctity, the service of God and closeness to Him - all this thanks to the influence of the superior substance: . . the reasons for the difference between the substances and for one taking precedence of another in their spirituality and degree.

The Creator, blessed be He, put His message in spiritual, unambiguous words to serve as guide and true teacher to those endowed with intellect and understanding so as to enable them to reach an understanding of the meaning of those messages which are couched in corporeal and ambiguous terms. (Ibid. p. 139) The Neoplatonists The Neoplatonists Those capable of finding the pure sense will find it, for they have distanced themselves from matter and their spirit is unencumbered and luminous; they shall see the Light and the divine world.

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