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This booklet involves texts initially released by means of the Italian cultural supplier Raido, translated the following for the 1st time: the realm of culture and front of culture. the 1st is a entire precis of the critical rules of Julius Evola. The esoteric background of the realm, the character of the Primordial culture, and the main issue of the fashionable global are mentioned. the second one, whereas additionally steeped within the Evolian worldview, provides a more effective consultant for dwelling as a traditionalist. guidance for all times as a person residing in detachment from modernity, in addition to for constructing and being a member of an business enterprise devoted to the recovery of culture, are defined. This e-book argues that ideology and method aren't adequate through themselves. the person who wants a rebellion opposed to the trendy global needs to first internalise and behavior all of one’s activities in response to the way of living of culture. additionally incorporated are equipment for doing this.

Whether the reader is an Evolian, a traditionalist or is only looking a method for survival in a degraded age, this guide can be inspiring to all of them.

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If there is a temptation to univocal structure and correspondence with mimesis, with eros it becomes more explicit that there is something beyond structure: there is the dynamism out of which structure comes to shape. Beyond fixed form there is forming, structuring. If we fix mimesis to a structure of relation, eros more fully reminds us there is a structuring in the relation, indeed that there is something that exceeds structure. Indeed this excess is necessary if the form of relation as a relating is to be possible at all, relating between terms that are like and unlike, as are the image and the original in the relation of mimesis.

This, I think, can be but a reversal of the above temptation to univocal fixation, but like the latter, it has its own equivocity, in that the lack within self remains enigmatic, as does the plenitude of power that immanently energizes the movements of self-surpassing. We first find ourselves in them, we do not construct them ourselves. Whatever construction there is comes after this first finding. “Being true” must include fidelity also to this first finding, and not just to the subsequent constructions or self-determinations.

Mimesis, Eros, and Mania 33 Despite the above complexity, there is a recurrent temptation to simplify mimesis into a univocally proportional relation in which we insist on a oneto-one correspondence between image and original. Such a univocalizing of mimesis easily closes down the open transcending latent in the activity of relating mimetically. Then, with this closure, it will seem we have two fixed orders of reality: the image and the original. The original is univocally fixed; the image is a more or less wavering counterpart of the fixed original; and the best imitations are the most univocally correct reproductions of the fixed original.

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