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Dat. mfn. Feru. mfn. Voc. Masc. and Fern. mfn. mine. Nom. nifne. Gen. mfn Dat. mfn. Voc. mfn. mine. mfne. THIRD DECLENSION. Adjectives of the third declension are those that end in am ail, which has the same signification as the English postfix like bean, a woman banarhail, womanlike, modest. 2. The two genders are always alike. 3. The four cases singular are alike except the genitive, which is formed by adding a, with a 1. : — syncope. same as the and the other cases are the same as the genitive singular.

Nom. Nom. uppana. uyipa. Gen. uppan. Dat. uppanaib. Gen. uppan. Dat. uppain. 6. To this declension belong the proper names Glba, 6ipe, Ireland; gen. 6ipecmn, dat. 6ipinn : Scotland; Munster; gen. TTlurrian, veral others of less note. dat. TDuriiain lTluTiia, : ; and se- is an example of the genitive nom. cap a gen. capab dat. capaib nom. Cap a, a friend, 7. in b Glbcun Glban, dat. , : ; ; ; plur. cdipbe. * 8. There is tion of the cases of IRREGULAR DECLENSION. Some nouns are irregular that is, they are 1.

Buailimto, we strike. 2. buuilct, ye strike. 3. buailib, they strike. 1. form of this tense, seep. ) Consuetudinal or habitual Present. buaileann me, I usually {The same form for all persons strike. ) THE VERB. OHAJP. J 53 Past. we 9truck. 1. buaileap, I struck. 1. buaileairtap, 2. buailip, thou struckest. 2. 3. buailpe, he struck. 3. buaileabap, ye struck. buaileabap, they struck. 1. buaileap. 1. buailpeam orbuailpiom. 2. buailip. 2. 3. buaileapcap. 3. buaileabap. buailpeab, or buailpiob, or buailpeabap.

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