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By Kushner, Tony; An-Ski, S.; Neugroschel, Joachim

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Glowing coals are strewn about, Huge as fiery rocks and mountains. Devils, demons, and destroyers Have the insolent faces of Scorpions and snakes and serpents, And no magic spells protect you When these monsters pounce upon you. And this Hell reverberates With loud ranting, raving, railing. Burning bodies writhe alive In their tortures, in their torments, Boiling in the fires and kettles. There a demon drives a sinner With his fiery whips and lashes Up a coal, a blazing mountain. And he clambers breathlessly Till he climbs upon the peak, And from there he swiftly dives Into a sea of pitch and sulfur.

And the heavens and the earth and the people of Israel will be as new. 11. The heavens and the earth, which will be closed like a book or folded like a garment in the fearful days of the Messiah, will be straightened out. 12. And the people of Israel, going through baseness and death, will be reborn and revived. 13. And the Almighty will increase the light of the sun seven times seven times sevenfold and altogether three hundred forty-three times. 14. And the light of the moon will be increased to the same degree.

Under the holy rebbe’s piercing eyes, Dovid Pirkes began shivering and again and again he examined the most secret nooks and crannies of his heart, intent on finding a flaw. But he found none. Whereupon the Holy Baal-Shem left for synagogue. Once outdoors he happened to look up at the sky and saw that it was overcast with thick, black clouds like steel armor. He was terror-stricken. And when he entered the shul and stood at the lectern, his face was covered with a cloud that was darker and denser than the clouds in the heavens.

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