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By Arthur C. Clarke

One of the 35 booklet (digital-only) 2012 RosettaBooks releases comprising the full Arthur C. Clarke Collection.

A thousand years after being forged into the frozen void of house via the supercomputer HAL, Frank Poole is introduced again to life—and thrust right into a international extra technically complex than the single he left at the back of. He discovers a global of human minds without delay interfacing with desktops; genetically engineered dinosaur servants; and big area elevators equipped round the Equator.

He additionally discovers an drawing close risk to humanity—lurking in the enigmatic monoliths. To struggle it, Poole needs to sign up for forces with David Bowman and HAL, now fused into one corporeal consciousness—and the single being with the ability to thwart the monoliths' mysterious creators.

A continuation of Arthur C. Clarke's groundbreaking Space Odyssey sequence, 3001: the ultimate Odyssey takes readers on a trip jam-packed with mysticism, ask yourself, and suspense.

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