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The Inner Game of Chess: How to Calculate and Win

Each participant has heard the asserting, "Chess is ninety nine percentage strategies. " it is not. it is ninety nine percentage calculation. yet beforehand there hasn't ever been a booklet dedicated totally to this such a lot mysterious and crucial chess procedure. This e-book examines either the technical and functional features of ways to imagine forward -- the choice of candidate strikes, the evaluate of finish positions, discovering the right kind stream order, and so forth.

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Today Kasparov played with Black. Shirov and Morozevich, who were in pursuit of Garry, lost today. But Anand and Kramnik won. So they have traded places! Well, the fate of the prize for first place is practically settled, but the fight for second, third and fourth places is going to be extremely tense tomorrow. Kramnik (with White) is playing Piket, Anand is playing Van Wely, and Morozevich is playing Shirov. The Shirov – Kramnik game was the most interesting in round 12. They both used to be pupils of the famous Botvinnik – Kasparov school, and until recently they were good friends.

White avoided all the traps, and a draw is the logical result. Be3 21…Rd8 Again I changed my mind. Nd2, and it looks like Black doesn’t get anything here. Rd8. Re1 f6 A solid move, it appeared that White didn’t have any way to improve the position. Rxb3 f4 Correct. Rc8+? Kh2 f1N#! Nd2! Nf1 Rf8, with excellent compensation. Rb6! bxa5? Na6 1/2-1/2 Round 13: The tournament ship enter its harbour (Rapid Review by Eugeny Atarov) January 28, 2001 Tiviakov,S - Fedorov,A 1-0 Kasparov,G - Adams,M 1/2 Anand,V - Van Wely,L 1-0 Ivanchuk,V - Timman,J 1-0 Kramnik,V - Piket,J 1/2 Morozevich,A - Shirov,A 1/2 Topalov,V - Leko,P 1/2 The Wijk aan Zee tournament is over.

Qxb5, but the compensation was not sufficient to give an advantage. Bf4? This is a serious mistake. Bxe5? Rb3 with advantage. Black is missing the light-squared bishop. The e3-pawn is secure and White can improve his position step by step. Bxe5 Re8! White has to think about equalizing. g4 and White will probably have to sac the a4-pawn, I miscalculated in the line mentioned below (see the commentary to move 29). h6! e4 with a complicated position. fxe4 Nb2! Nb2!? Re2 Rc8? Misses the advantage. Qd3 Nb6?

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