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The Inner Game of Chess: How to Calculate and Win

Each participant has heard the asserting, "Chess is ninety nine percentage strategies. " it's not. it truly is ninety nine percentage calculation. yet beforehand there hasn't ever been a e-book committed totally to this such a lot mysterious and crucial chess strategy. This booklet examines either the technical and useful elements of ways to imagine forward -- the choice of candidate strikes, the review of finish positions, discovering the right kind movement order, and so forth.

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Rfd1 h5! and h5-h4, with Black having a good play. Nd4), Black will respond with 14…Nf5! Kasparov: I spent a lot of time on this move. I started calculating the consequences of the pawn sacrifice on e6 at this point. Ne4 Ng6. Nf6+! f7+ with an almost winning position. Bc1 Rxd4! Rxd4 Ne6 , and Black’s compensation for losing the exchange is not bad. Instead, Vladimir has made up his mind to gain control of the key e6-square again. However... Kasparov: I could not believe my eyes. e6! A brilliant move.

This continuation has its pros and cons. A good thing about this move is that Black is deprived of a b7-b5 breakthrough. Rac8 also looks pretty good. I doubt that the black rook is placed better on a8 compared to f8. b3 d5! On the other hand, Black has this breakthrough move in the center. This is a drawback of White’s setup. f4 Neg4! leads either to crazy complications or to a simple transposition of moves. f4! Rxc3!? exd5 Qxd5 Black has a big advantage due to the weakness of the b3-pawn in White’s camp.

H3 f6 90% of chess players would draw this game soon after exchanges along the efile. But, much to the public’s relief, Morozevich and Shirov are not among them. Qa4 Now this move is quite possible. If g7bishop wasn’t screened by the f6 pawn this move would allow Black to play Nxd4. Bxa6, and the pawn is won. Morozevich created problems for his opponent with the help of a few precise moves. Nc5 Qf5 A witty decision in Shirov’s style. bxc5 the bfile is open for White. Nxd4! Qxa6 Ng5! Nxg5 fxg5, and the black pieces are revived.

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