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Checkmate! those fun-filled mind teasers increases your ability. every one chessboard puzzle has its items in a in particular conceived tough association. you want to entire a given job in a selected variety of strikes: "White to play and mate in 5 strikes, " for instance. a few puzzles sharpen either your protecting and offensive acumen, and lots of specialize in your endgame-the most crucial section of chess. suggestions are within the again. one hundred forty four pages, 2 hundred colour illus., five 3/8 x eight 1/4.

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35 . . ltJf3 was correct. 36 gxf4 l2Jg4 I n severe time trouble Botvinnik feared (not without reason) that after 36 . . liJf3 37 �c2 his knight at f3 would become entangled , and he switches completely to defence. The picture has sharply changed in Tal 's favour.

13 . . c5 To my surprise, Tal makes the position a closed one, which is not in keeping with h is style. Of course, he should not have left White with a protected passed pawn and restricted the possibilities of his queen's bishop. After 1 3 . . a5! Sxd8 1 6 lLle2 a roughly equal position would have been reached. 14 Ac2 Wh ite's plan was not difficult to fi nd. It was successfully implemented in a similar posi­ tion in a training game Boleslavsky-Botvin­ nik (Voronovo 1 952) , and consisted in the preparation of an attack on the black pawn chain by b2-b3 and a2-a4.

A3 bxc6 Defending such an endgame against Tigran Petrosian or Anatoly Karpov would have been very difficult, but endgames without queens were never Tal 's forte. 26 ... l:lxb2 27 l2Jf5+ �f6 27 . . �f8 is also possible. dd2 Here it is, active counterplay! 29 �g1 l:Ixf2 30 lif1 llxf1 + 31 �xf1 �g7 32 �xa7 �xh6 33 �xf7 Draw. The position is completely equal. b3 there follows 24 . . b8 with equality. 24 ... :td7 25 l:la6 1lb8!? Only active play can save Black! 26 Switching to tactics. Meanwhile, 26 b3!

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